Rice is one of the most consumed staple foods worldwide, it is known to have several nutrients which are awesome for improving body metabolism, hormonal balance and supplying the body with energy. What most people do not know is that rice water is very useful as a natural remedy and a beauty product as well. Mostly, when we cook rice, we either strain the water and throw it away or just let it dry with the rice, if only we knew the amount of nutrients that abound therein.

Japanese history has it that in the early years of rice farming, the women who farmed and processed rice used the water from the rice to take their bath and also drink it. It was recorded that they consequently had better skin and led healthier lives thus increasing their average life expectancy. This just shows us how important rice water is to the body, below are three reasons why you should drink rice water daily.

A recognized source of energy

Rice water, which is also known as kanji, is known to be very rich in carbohydrates which are a major source of energy to the body. The body draws energy from carbohydrates by breaking down its molecules to simple glucose which is then absorbed into the blood stream. A glass of rice water a day is sufficient to keep one energized all through.

Prevention of constipation

Due to its high fiber content, rice water helps to ease bowel movement which is necessary for excretion. The starch globules present also facilitates the growth of bacteria that assist in food breakdown in the stomach.

Prevention of dehydration

On sunny and dry days, there is a probability of losing water due to sweat, asides water, salt is also lost. To effectively replenish these, take a glass of rice water before going out to prevent dehydration.


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