Out there is a rat to make ends meet, make some money to survive and get all the necessities of life. The biggest challenge is that by the day companies are laying off staff, adding to the unemployment rate because they cannot afford to pay so many people. Our higher institutions are churning out graduates yearly yet jobs are not being created. All these makes one know that you have to seek for a way to create a means of income for yourself.

Those who have jobs are mostly being paid far less than they need, meaning they also need to seek extra sources of income. Working from home gives you a leverage like no other, there is independence and convenience as well as reduced taxes. I guess you are reading this article because you are looking for a way to grow some income from your living room. This article will provide you a few ideas that you can work with and get some money on almost a daily basis.

Start a blog

Starting a blog is quite easy and within a short period you could be making some good money off it. You can study online how to design your blog, create a niche and earn away. It is not a get rich quick idea, but consistency will grow the business.

Waste management

This requires some bit of patience and resilience but there is a lot of money in it. Make you plan, study the niche and execute.

Affiliate marketing

You can sign up with companies and help them sell their products online and get some good commission from it.

Sell your own product online

Develop a product that you feel people will need and sell online.

Sign up with uber

Asides uber, there are other taxi services, simply sign up as a driver and begin to make some cool cash daily.


This is one niche that produces some good money after a period of consistency. Companies always require a good copywriter, develop your skills and sign up on freelance sites to sell yourself.


Any skill that you have, website design, app design, graphics design, writing, etc. can fetch you good money. There is a huge demand for such skills, simply sign up with freelance sites and you can start making money immediately.

Buying and selling from home

You can buy goods from other people and start to resell them from your home. You could also open a website or use social media as a means to advertise your business.

Social media consulting

There is a huge market base for this business as everyone is going digital. Several companies are looking for people to help them manage their social media handles, you can be one.

Secretarial services

If you have great communication and organization skills, you can sell these services online from your home and make good income.

Dating consultant

You can help people manage relationships, get hooked, become a date site manager and so much more. As long as you feel you have what it takes, the market is for the taking.

App developer

Do you have an idea for an app, do you have the necessary skills, then build an app and make money off it. Apps are being built daily and the developers make good off downloads.

Website developer

Businesses need websites and website manager, if you havw knowledge about this, simply put it to use and make some good money.

Write business plans

You could assist potential investors in writing their plans for a fee. Sign up on freelance sites and use social media to publicize your services as well.

Resume writer

People hardly want to go through the rigors of writing a resume, simply get a hang of this and sell your services, you will be amazed how much you will make.

Taking surveys

This does not fetch humongous cash but it keeps you going. It is a good source of extra cash as it takes no time at all.

Call center representative

Several companies are in search of assistants that can work from home. With a computer and a phone line you can get this done and make some good money.

Travel agency

You can help others plan their journeys, make bookings and help with discounts right from your living room at a cost.

Forex trading

Just get the fundamental skills and trade away, if you can groom this skill, you will be making so much as income.

Event planning

Are you good with planning events, then you can use these skills to make money right from your home.


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