If we are to be sincere with ourselves most people that work out spend longer periods working on their belly or abdominal areas. This is because that region of the body is regarded as one which makes a person look attractive in their clothes, asides this no one really wants to sport a bulging belly. One of the parts of the body that accumulates the most fat is the belly and asides its effect on one’s appearance, it could be a quick way to get heart disease.

Several people can hardly stay true to exercise routines, which till are still the most recognized way of keeping fat away from the belly and every other part of the body. Exercise routines can be long, stressful and boring and not many of us can cope with that. I have some good news for you though, have you heard of abs made in the kitchen? Well, there is something like that and it is not a myth. There are several foods that you can add to your diet that will help you lose that belly fat without any exercise and the process is not that long too, so you do not need to worry.

These foods contain several nutrients which are very healthy for the body and you will also find them exciting to eat. Have a look below:


These are regarded as one of the healthiest carbs you can consume when you have desire to lose weight, especially in the belly region. They contain high fiber levels as well as carbohydrates which keep you filled for long periods while also keeping you energized. They also help prevent heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Whole eggs

For several years it was believed that consuming the just the egg white is advisable in weight loss programs because of the saturated fat in the yolk. Further research has shown that this notion holds no water and thus you are advised to eat the whole eggs. They contain high levels of protein and biotin and thus help with the skin, hair growth, etc.

Cayenne peppers

These are known to be very hot and when consumed they stimulate thermogenesis which helps the body to burn fat very quickly.


They are great sources of folic acids, fiber and healthy fats and with this combination they keep you full for longer periods. This way you do not over eat and you keep in shape.


These are a very healthy snack and they help to curtail cholesterol levels, improve brain function, strengthen the bones and avert heart attacks.


These help to detoxify the body and rid the body of toxins, by so doing they reduce body fat considerably.

Lean meats

They are healthy protein sources which do not add to the cholesterol level of the body and by so doing keep fat levels low. Some include beef, salmon, chicken, etc.

Green vegetables

These are very high in fiber and low in calories and so help you to keep your fat levels in check.


This contains every essential amino acid which makes it a total protein. It is great for ensuring that fat levels are kept low.


These help to keep you full for long periods and thus reduce the risk of over eating. They contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


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